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IABCA Intl., Natl., Ch. Tamoora's Boy Named Sue

aka - Sue

Accredited Working Service/Mobility Dog

Sue is my "lean on me" and "catch me when I fall" dog.

Sue is helping me down steps (slowly)

Sue and Me at festival

Sue is 35" tall and 180 pounds at maturity

OFA - Pending

Sue AKC 3 gen pedigree

Ruh (dam) and Amir (sire) litter page

Sue is my mobility dog.  He is quite large, tall and big boned. He catches me when I'm about to loose balance and fall, and I can use him to help me get up from chairs or if I fall to the ground.  His temperament is beyond reproach.  He is good in stores, restaurants, festivals with loud noises, around children and other animals. He does it all and does it well!

 Sue is NOT a working livestock guardian dog.  He lives with me in the house.

Sue with Kids (has his happy face on)!

First thing a Service dog needs to know/do is the "watch me" command

Sue, me, Jen (my trainer) with her Doby Service Dog

Sue - Best of Breed, IABCA - Nat'l, Inter'l, Champion
11 months old

What did you say? I'm off duty and this is my play time!


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Kathleen E. Mayer
Tamoora Anatolians
Rushville, Ohio
740) 536-7161

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